Morning numbers


We just ran the numbers this morning, and it looks like we’re slightly off-pace to reach our May grassroots fundraising goal by the end of the month.

Kamala absolutely crushed the MSNBC town hall last night, and we need to do everything we can right now to capture this momentum and make sure voters across the country hear her message.

Will you rush your very first contribution to our campaign right now? It’s crucial that we hit our target this month — it’s the last fundraising deadline before Kamala takes the debate stage for the first time:

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

As you know, our campaign isn’t taking a dime from corporate PACs or federal lobbyists. Instead, we’re a movement of people, pitching in one contribution at a time to make Kamala our next president.

Thanks for all you do,

— Team Kamala

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