Mueller is right Re: Everything about #ConDon is fake

Bill de Blasio knows all Trump’s tricks, and he’s tough enough to take #ConDon on.

Bill de Blasio for President

Friend —

If you saw Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s statement this morning, you saw him confirm, “If we had had confidence that the President clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.” Mueller all but admitted that he thinks #ConDon committed a crime.

But until he is out of office Trump can keep pulling his con on working people, just like he’s conned the country for years into thinking he’s anything other than a terrible businessman.

But Bill de Blasio is a New Yorker, just like Trump. He knows all Trump’s tricks, and he’s tough enough to take #ConDon on.

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Friend —

It’s no surprise that mere hours after Donald Trump singled us out on Twitter, his lapdog Rudy Giuliani got on the radio with insults that were, somehow, even lamer than his boss’s. Man, our campaign is making Team Trump really nervous — right on schedule.


I’ve seen this a thousand times. It’s the reaction of a New York con man who’s just been made to smell his own BS. And boy is this guy fake. His negotiating skills are fake, his net worth is fake, the supposed crowd size at his inauguration. But the fakest thing he ever said is when he promised to help working people.

There’s your answer for why Team Trump is so fixated on us less than a week after my announcement. Because our campaign, more than any other, is the one ready to rip #ConDon’s biggest lie to shreds. We’re on our way to showing the American people what an agenda that puts working people first actually looks like, because we already did it in New York.

This week’s fireworks were just a warm-up. If we’re really going to take this con man all the way down, we need to get in front of people. And that means getting donations from at least 65,000 people to ensure we qualify for the Democratic debates.

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You might’ve heard about this already, but with so many candidates running for president this year, they’re looking at donor totals to see which candidates get a spot at the debates. And honestly, it’s a pretty good rule, because it limits the influence of billionaires.

But we announced this campaign a little later than most of the candidates, which means we have more ground to make up if we want a shot at explaining our agenda for working people — and our approach to taking down a conman like Donald Trump — in front of the biggest audiences.

People all over the country are stepping up to be one of the first 65,000 — and stepping up again to make sure we have the resources to recruit the rest. But with the first debate coming up next month, we need to make significant progress this week.

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This country has spent decades taking from working people and concentrating wealth in the hands of the 1 percent. #ConDon is doing everything he can to make this unfair system even worse. We have to stop him, and we know our campaign is hitting a nerve when #ConDon and his lapdogs just can’t stop yapping at our heels. Now let’s keep this fight going.

Thank you for joining me,

Bill de Blasio


What we did when they said we couldn’t

We’re putting working people first.

Bill de Blasio for President

Friend —

Thank you so much for joining a group of bold everyday Americans who are just plain tired of getting screwed. It’s blunt, but it’s the truth. Working people are getting screwed by big corporations, and too often they’re getting screwed by their own government.

Working people in this country deserve better — and on this team, we know we can make it happen because we’ve already done it in New York City.


As mayor of the largest city in America — larger than 39 entire states — I watched my neighbors wait a long time for Washington to fix the issues our nation is facing. When Washington wouldn’t act, we decided to go ahead anyway. Now we have a $15 minimum wage, paid sick leave and guaranteed health care — including mental health services.

Everyone loved the idea of Universal Pre-K, but naysayers said we couldn’t afford it. We made it a priority and, within two years, ensured every four-year-old in our city receives the same start to their education, saving working parents tens of thousands of dollars in childcare expenses.

It’s time to finally put working people first in this country. And I’m so excited about what we’re going to get done together. But we’re already approaching our campaign’s first make-or-break challenge: reaching the 65,000-donor threshold to ensure we qualify for the Democratic debates.

Donate $1 now to help ensure our proven working-families-first agenda gets a shot on the Democratic debate stage.

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The problems our nation is facing are urgent. That’s why we’re not sitting around making plans for how to solve things; we’re solving them now. We’re not watering down our goals to try to win over the people who made this mess possible; we’re setting and achieving bold, progressive goals now. We’re moving forward — and when we move forward together, we win.

Can you help us take one more step toward our urgent 65,000-donor goal? Donate $1 now to help ensure our voices are heard at the Democratic debates.

Whenever someone tells me we can’t prioritize solutions that will help working people live better, safer, happier and more prosperous lives, this is what I tell them: There’s plenty of money in the world. It’s just in the wrong hands.

Thank you for lending me a hand,

Bill de Blasio
New York City Mayor
Candidate for U.S. President